More Customers. Zero Fraud.

100% Guaranteed Fraud Protection

Capture more sales, from more customers, worldwide, and never pay for another chargeback.

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About Us

Fraud is a huge problem for online businesses. We help you maximize sales and simultaneously eliminate chargebacks and the labor associated with manual order review.

Gain More Customers

We are built to approve more orders and increase customer acquisition more than any other fraud solution. On average, we approve 50% of the sales that get declined for fraud risk. This often translates to hundreds of new customers each year.

Get Chargebacks Covered

Focus on growing your business. Let us deal with fraud.

Tom Belgrad
Tom Belgrad Chief Executive Officer

We Approve More Orders

AVS Mismatches Approved
CVV Mismatches Approved
Orders Shipped to Freight Forwarders Approved
Orders Placed From High-Risk Countries Approved
Approval of Orders Declined by Other Systems
Chargeback Rate
Declined Sales Recovered
Average ROI

Payment Assurance

We make it easy to grow your customer base and increase sales without ever losing sleep over chargebacks.

Payment Assurance

Accept any customer, anywhere in the world, with zero risk. We cover chargebacks when you get them. With Payment Assurance by Apruvd, we only make money when you do.

No Fees or Commitments

No long-term contract, no cancellation fee, no monthly minimum. We let the value of our work speak for itself.

Flexible and Customizable

We provide value by increasing customer acquisition, eliminating chargeback losses, and reallocating labor costs. We work closely with you to guarantee the highest ROI in the industry.

Client Libraries

Coming soon! Integrate with minimal IT costs by taking advantage of our PHP, JavaScript, or Python client libraries.

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Coming soon! Get set up in minutes if your business runs on Shopify, Magento, Volusion, or Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Free Support

Our team is constantly adding new features and custom functionality to meet clients' needs, all completely free of charge.

Our Featured Clients

Our Payment Assurance service helps online companies operate with zero losses due to fraud, from small businesses to members of the Internet Retailer Top 100.

Our Client Testimonials


Our prices are the best in the industry. Default prices can be found below. For enterprise pricing, please contact us.

  • Review 2.0

    • Completely risk-free
    • Reduce customer rejection by 50%
    • Payment Assurance on high-risk sales
    • Guaranteed sales increase
  • Custom

    • Reduce cost of fraud management
    • Decrease customer contacts
    • Fast turnaround time
    • No charge for declines
  • Basic

    • International or bill-ship mismatches
    • Acquire new customers safely
    • Ship anywhere in the world
    • Expand to new markets, risk-free
  • Complete Coverage

    • Payment Assurance for all sales
    • 100% fraud protection
    • Zero manual reviews
    • No charge for declines

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